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Doctor Who: The God Complex (Also featuring Minotaurs, Madeleine L’Engle and Moose Beer)


The new Doctor Who episode made me squeal alot. Delightfully grim, witty and gave a rather apt sense of closure to Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

 Yes, our favourite ginger companion has gone her seperate way, it was bound to happen eventually. Personally, I’m more upset about Rory leaving. But anywho…

I really quite liked this story, alien god prisons set up like cheesy 1980’s hotels sending the 3 proteges and innocent expendible characters on a mad goose chase while a giant minotaur persues them and eats their faith. There were my favourite references made to the Doctors dark side as well as simple yet well done features of personal struggles for the supporting characters.

The set up was quite terrifying, if you are at all afraid of Gorillas, you might want to skip it. The scene is set up in an environment not unlike the hotel in The Shining, so, although there are no demon tricycles or ghost twins I think seeing a 7 foot Minotaur standing in the door to the reception area is still pretty terrifying. Brilliant model making work on the Minotaur actually. It kind of made me wish Minotaurs were real.

The Fear/Faith allignment was an interesting one that I did see coming but it was a nice shift from the initial thought of ‘Oh so it’s testing their FEAR by showing them evil clowns. Boring.’ The next time I get scared I’m going to scrutinise what I rely on to keep me level headed. I think its usually the comforting thought that someday I’ll be swept up into space by a mad man in a box or that I’ll make friends with a Dragon and he shall keep me safe for all eternity… Or that my boyfriend will come into the room, turn on the light and make a bad joke. Shining style again, there’s pictures of the prison victims with awesome taglines of their fears. The Best ones by far were: “Heath Barnes: Other people’s socks” & “Royston Luke Gold: Plymouth.”  Just saying. Plymouth. Watch out for it…

This theme really does help to sever the Doctor/Amy link that we knew and loved so well, no matter how funny a 7 foot Minotaur looks while cowering on the floor in invisible pain. Amy is FORCED to lose the whole ‘faith in the doctor’ thing right there, so you feel it coming, like when you smell burning toast and you know that no matter how hard you scrape the burnty bits off, it is going to have to go. The Girl who waited has to move on and now, we find the Doctor alone in the Tardis. Which should be refreshing, or at least I hope so.  

Apart from praising Minotaur Gods and Matt Smith being attacked with a chair leg, today also brought remembrance of a certain book I read when I was younger. After much reflection I have decided to recommend you look it up because you’ll want to read it instantly after you see the picture below:

It's a centaur...but with ARM WINGS!

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle: I read this when I was like…10? But I remember vaguley relating to the main character Meg in a few ways and being all like ‘Damn straight’. Whereas now, being a very amateur sci-fi fan, I just want to read it for the notion of the ‘tesseract’ which is supposedly akin to the ‘space warp’? (which makes me think of Stargate, which in turn makes me yearn for warps in the time-space-continuum in general) and the opening line: “It was a dark and stormy night…” which really just makes me think of the circular pirate story my dad used to try to tell me when I was younger.

“It was a dark and stormy night, and the skipper said to the captain; ‘Captain! Tell us a Staaawry’ (how he pronounced it). ‘Awwwlrigh then I’ll tell yis a Staaaaawry… It was a dark and stormy night…etc” – Tip, this is actually really good for confusing/ annoying the kids you babysit for.

Ahem, but yes, the orignal attraction for my 10 year old self was the Centaurs.

You know whose almost as awesome as Centaurs? Nathan Fillion. Do you know what was kind of disappointing? The first episode of Season 4 of Castle. Yes, Stana Katic is very attractive and she’s good at playing the whole ’emotional wall’ card, but this episode kinda tired that out a little, wich is understandable, her character’s  just been shot and all that, but I’m looking forward to the pace picking up again, which it probably will. A part of me really just wants to see Nathan make bad puns though. ..Which probably means I need to grow up and just enjoy things in an adult manner. But that would be really boring. I’d much rather make newspaper hats and do assignments from home made forts in my living room while simultaneously watching Dr Snuggles with a Moose Beer. 

Who is Dr Snuggles you ask? Well I have it on good authority from a very reliable source that he “has a talking umbrella, travels the universe with lots of animal things and is probably a Badger.”  

What is Moose Beer? You ask. It is not in fact made of Moose or Meese. It is a Canadian Lager called ‘Moosehead’ with a Moose on the bottle. Moose Beer. 

Peace Out. 

...Next time? There will be burritos.