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Hello Administrator! Now go away.



I cannot fathom how somebody can have the nerve to blog FOR you. At least there are other people in the world who accept the terms of privacy like  inanimate objects and food and… well ok it all got a little messed up when Beetlejuice came along but moving on…

This is a blog.

Here lieth unicorns and dragons, peanutbutter, digestive biscuits and other such epic things that make me seem more interesting than I really am.

This here ‘blog’ will probably entail me talking an awful lot of crap about books I have read or movies I have seen or my collection of Neil Gaiman things and how come he never responds to my completely and utterly normal daily emails. This ‘Blog’ will also someday contain some music posts with songs I write that contain important messages about the disastrous current state of my kitchen appliances. 

In conclusion, don’t feel obliged to read this out of ‘politeness’. If you do you’re probably quite awesome, but don’t kid yourself, if it don’t entertain, put it out in the rain. But not literally, it’s really fucking cold outside and I didn’t bring a jumper. 

Peace Out.